Hey! I'm Nivi

I write software and stories to empower people to become their best selves. I love simplifying complex systems and lately I've been obsessed with habits.


I published 💻 Never Touched, a dystopic short story where children are just employee perks.
I started 🐍 Snakes and Serpents, a high fantasy serial about imperfect people becoming better in a world where meditation is magic.
I was an early product manager at 🚚 Turvo ($500M valuation).
I was the first female eng lead and an early product manager at 🏦 Blend ($1.7B valuation)
I studied Computer Science and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon before graduating a year early.
I learned to code in high school at hackathons with my mom, which led to my six months as a Facebook engineer while still in high school.
I started teaching Kundalini and other meditation forms as a certified meditation instructor.