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Why am I writing

Nov 24, 2020 · 3 min read

“Why are you writing?”

This is the one question I had never expected even though I was talking with a fellow writer.

I’ve received other questions on my writing, on the what, the when, the how and so on. I was able to answer these questions with relative ease. But these questions were more fact-based and I was explaining what is, not what could be.

But this question, “Why are you writing”, prompted more soul-searching.

Of course, I’ve asked myself this question before. But it’s a great question. A question that doesn’t just seek to inform the asker, but reveals an answer that the person being asked might not yet know themselves. A question that doesn’t just inform, but also helps you refine and evolve.

I find that every time this question comes up, I am surprised with the answer I get from deeper within myself. My answer is broadly consistent, but shifts and deepens ever so slightly as I grow from my daily encounters.

When I started writing this blog, it was a desire to enable people to eliminate their digital consumption habits based on my past experience.

When I wrote my Tiktok essay, it was less about completely eliminating the use of certain technology and more about how people can consume less and create more.

And now, I wonder if it’s ok to share my experiments on how to gently ease out of consuming and into creating before I feel like I’ve succeeded. And, instead of me conveying what I learned, it will also be me learning in public with my readers.

Yes, and

In improvisational comedy, there’s an exercise called “Yes, and..” The rules are very simple. Someone starts with a statement. Every participant after them must start their statement with “Yes, and…” It’s meant to encourage an acceptance of contribution by others and a free sharing of ideas. I think in some ways great questions and answers are like that too. They propel us forward together.

In our world, the balance between creators and consumers has always been lopsided with few creators and many consumers. But it is not enough for only a few people to give answers and the rest to always ask questions. The balance is obtained when everyone feels equally empowered to ask questions and give answers.

That balance is shifting. More resources are becoming accessible to would-be creators. At the same time, it’s also becoming much much easier to be a consumer.

I launched this blog originally as an answer to combating digital addictions with simple habits. But it quickly grew to more than that for me.

I’m on a journey to consume less and create more.

It’s terrifying to reveal the latter part of my journey. To some extent, I know how to consume less, but I’m still learning how to create more. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I think that perspective may help others like me.

I’m excited to be on this journey together.

Welcome to Consumer to Creator.

From Consumer to Creator

I changed the blog’s title from “Tech with Intention” to “Consumer to Creator” because I’m itching to share the things I’m learning and experimenting with now rather than waiting until I’ve fully succeeded and transformed into a creator.

Some of the upcoming essays on my slate are about easing into selling with your own clutter, applying first principles to your personal life, and transforming your work style.

So, I ask myself again, “Why am I writing?” It’s because I’m moving from Consumer to Creator.

And, in the “Yes, and” spirit, to my readers, I ask why are you reading?


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Thanks to Bea, Parthi, Piyali, Jamie, Andra, Varun, Meeta, Natalie, Nich, and Kushaan for reading early drafts.